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Family Owned & Operated Since 1978

CALLEN REFRIGERATION opened its doors in 1978. From the beginning, the company was family owned and operated. As the company enters its third generation of family ownership, we continue our commitment to operating with honesty and efficiency.

We aim to provide the highest quality products at a fair price, rather than the cheapest price. This makes us unique in the heating and cooling industry. Our customers can rest assured that we stand behind our guarantees and that we will be around to honor our warranty.

Owner Operated

I’m Jeremy Callen and I took over

ownership and management of CALLEN REFRIGERATION, LLC in 2009.

Pat and Doug Callen started the business in 1978. Years later Pat went back to farming and left the business to Doug. Pat returned to refrigeration and started Callen Commercial Refrigeration. I was raised in the trade as a small child riding along and helping every chance possible. I have worked in the trade ever since. 

We proudly serve the people of Twin Falls, ID and the entire south central Idaho area,the same way I liked to be treated—fair and honest.

When You’re with Callen Refrigeration... You’re Family!

My family and I have been in the heating, cooling, and refrigeration business for over 42 years, and we are passionate about helping the people of Twin Falls and surrounding south central Idaho area. 

Decades of Experienced Service with More to Come

Rely on Our Experience and Expertise.

Trust Our Long-term Partnerships. We form lasting partnerships with suppliers who provide brands and products which are:

High-quality, Reliable and Reasonably-priced.

CALLEN REFRIGERATION has been dedicated to ensuring your home or business is circulated with the cleanest air and most comfortable temperature to ensure the enjoyment and

safety of your family or patrons. 

And we plan to continue that tradition of dedication with our next up-coming

generation of family member technicians

Why Us?

Becasue you'll be working directly with the owner. There is no middleman.

You'll be buying locally and not from a national or regional chain. Support local businesses.

You get the best value combination of quality and price that fits your needs.

We offer decades of experience in servicing all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

You'll be treated like a neighbor because you are our neighbor. We'll see you at community events, school, church and while shopping.

"This is a great company. Both times that I called it was very easy to set up an appointment around my schedule". -Ross W.

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